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I don’t really like hyping up my own songs that much, but this is one of my absolute favorites (which is also the most well received…at least within my circle of friends). I’ll never stray from the conscious/political topics, but it’s good to switch it up and do the fun stuff too. Everything is true, with the exception of the “AT&T/calling after 9pm” line (thanks to a ton of rollover minutes, I don’t have to worry about exceeding my limit anymore. haha).

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(INTRO - Talking):
Look, I’m not that smooth, Don Juan, casanova type. I mean, I’m only being honest. In fact, I’m the opposite. I’m kind of…

Nerdy, nerdy…I’m so nerdy girl (yeah)
Nerdy, nerdy…I’m so nerdy girl (yeah)
Nerdy…nerday…I’m so nerdy girl (yeah)
Nerdy, nerdy…I’m so nerdy girl (yeah)

So check it out, lemme lay it on the line
See, I’m the type of dude who don’t be spittin’ corny lines
And even if I wanted to I wouldn’t know one
Knowing me, I’d try to say and would probably mess it up

Cuz see…I’m kinda nerdy and I don’t see the use
Of tryna act smooth in a VIP booth
I’ma get there kinda early to save a couple bucks
Get my hand stamped, back to the car to catch a buzz

Nah I’m not cheap but I’m ballin’ on a budget
And I’m normally not the type to be going out clubbing
I’m pretty low key on that chill kind of status
A humble attitude, you ain’t gonna see me bragging

About a condo on the beach or a fancy whip I drive
So don’t ask me for a drink, I might have to say goodbye
Or better yet some water with a little bit of ice
And if you laugh and stick around then you just might be my type, cuz I’m…


Now you’re probably not used to this different approach
Thinking “whatchu talkin’ bout?” like Diff’rent Strokes
I’m not rich like Mr. Drummond, I don’t even come close
But I’m hoping I can still get the number to your phone

I ain’t into playing games like “how long should I wait?”
How bout this, I’ll hit you up in like one or two days
But it might be after 9, I’m close to exceeding my limit
Unless you got AT&T, free mobile to mobile minutes

But the thing is…I really hate that first call
Cuz I get a little nervous and I stumble and I fall
Fumbling my words and start st-st-stuttering
Butterflies in my stomach hovering and fluttering

Muttering to myself “man, I’m such an idiot”
Wondering if I’ll ever be able to get rid of this
Nervousness I’m hoping you might find a little cute
But the truth is that I’m like this cuz I’m kinda feelin’ you


No I won’t try to impress you with a fancy restaurant
But we can get some grub at a local mom & pop
Like tacos de asada with some bomb enchiladas
Wash it down with some horchata, go kick it at mi casa

Maybe watch some DVDs like the series Planet Earth
Girl, I wasn’t lying when I said I was a nerd
I’m sort of a goof but I can probably make you laugh
Cuz I’m not afraid to make myself look like an ass

And I still wanna earn some major points in your book
But if I do it then I’m gonna give you a genuine look
Leave a lasting impression like songs with a catchy hook
All I need is a chance, oh yeah…I also clean and cook

(OUTRO - Talking):
And there you have it. You know I figure I might as well be up front, than put up a front. You know what I’m saying?

ArtistReVision & DJ KrissFader
TitleNerdy Girl
AlbumThe Relocation Mixtape (A Mass Movement Sound Project)
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