Heard a whole entire people gasp when Manny got knocked out
I get it, but let it be said from the mouth of a Pinoy
We should gasp ten fold as a whole when a boy
In the Philippines has to sniff a whole bag of glue
Cuz it’s cheaper to be high than get a spoonful of food


Bambu - “When Will The Time Come?” (Produced by Will Bracy)

Less than four years ago, this song was created in response to Israel’s massacre of Gazan civilians during the “Operation Cast Lead” conflict.  It was one of the original songs specifically made for the A Song For Ourselves Mixtape.  “When Will The Time Come?” features a sample from the song “Jonathan Jackson” by Chris Iijima, Nobuko Miyamoto, & Charlie Chin. “Jonathan Jackson” was recorded in 1973 as the Vietnam War raged overseas, and paid tribute to George Jackson’s younger brother who died while attempting to free him and the Soledad Brothers.  Gaza, Vietnam, Black Panthers - three seemingly separate historic incidences that have a lot more in common than you think.  Do your research, study history, and realize that the “bad guys” are different than who you think they are. Today, Gaza civilians are once again dying under Israeli missles, the US is still the main supplier ($$$) of weapons to Israel, and poor Black & Brown Americans still live in second-class citizenship politically, socially, and economically.


There are a lot of good hip hop albums coming out in the next few weeks. I’m about to be broke buying all this music!

I know…it’s weird to hear that people still buy music these days, but I like to show my support for the independent artists (or those who are in the mainstream, but are still very different from most of the other artists you hear on the radio).

Don’t get it twisted though, I’ll bootleg the hell out of a Jay-Z or Kanye album — they already have enough money.

9/18: Brother Ali “Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color”

9/25: Lupe Fiasco “Food & Liquor 2” and Murs & Fashawn “This Generation”

10/2: Bambu “…One Rifle Per Family”

10/9: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “The Heist”

10/16: Dumbfoundead “Take the Stares”

Album Art


The Bar + The Cure = The Truth.

This is beyond words, really. <3 DJ PHATRICK <3


Bambu ft. Prometheus Brown - “Slow Down” (Phatty’s Blonde Bangs Edit)

Bambu: “This remix (or mash-up, depending on how old you are) to Slow Down is one of my favorites. I hate the cover, but as much shit as I give DJ Phatrick, it’s pretty tame what he did with the opportunity to ridicule me. Download/listen HERE to this if you’ve never heard it. SLOW DOWN!”

don’t lie, bam. you approved the artwork!

Oooh weee!! This is SO FRESH!!

TitleSlow Down (Phatty's Blonde Bangs Edit)

The @BeatrockMusic workhorse. #ExactChange #APeacefulRiot #TheCounterPartsLP #PaperCuts #PopKiller #ShortChanged #LosAngelesPhilippines #LivingRoom #OneRiflePerFamily (Taken with Instagram)

Lots of good music has been recorded with this mic.  Always looking forward to hearing more&#8230;


The @BeatrockMusic workhorse. #ExactChange #APeacefulRiot #TheCounterPartsLP #PaperCuts #PopKiller #ShortChanged #LosAngelesPhilippines #LivingRoom #OneRiflePerFamily (Taken with Instagram)

Lots of good music has been recorded with this mic. Always looking forward to hearing more…


Blue Scholars ~ Cinemetropolis Tour Video 2011

DOPE VIDEO…and even better that it’s from the LA show that I went to! I’ve seen Blue Scholars perform quite a few times, but this recent one was their best yet. In addition to a wider, more increased fan base from previous events, they really stepped it up on a showmanship level as well.

To top off a great night, the AnakBayan LA homies and I also got to chill and have some late night/early morning pho with Geo (aka Prometheus Brown). I can’t lie, I was already exhausted and ready to make the long drive back from West Hollywood to Long Beach, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to break bread with one of my favorite MCs, right?

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Here’s some footage I shot of the Native Guns reunion at the 20th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) last September. When it was announced that they’d be the headliners, I was happy to hear it, but also not as hyped as I thought I would be. I’ve seen them a bunch of times since ‘05 and have a lot of their songs memorized, so I figured it wouldn’t be anything new, but boy, was I wrong.

Once the intro started playing, it brought me back to when I was first exposed to their music, which was also when I started getting more politicized. Prior to them, the only other Filipino I knew about in hip hop was apl.de.ap from Black Eyed Peas, and he never really dove too deep. With Native Guns, they dropped so much knowledge about Fil-Am issues (like identity), our people’s history, and the country’s colonial relationship with the United States — it was mind blowing.

As an MC, who also happens to be Filipino, they had a major impact on my music and inspired me to document my own self-discovery via hip hop. Their music really started me on the path of toward a cultural (re)awakening that still continues to this day, which is why I always say that they’ve been the most influential hip hop group for me…hands down.


Bam’s unfinished song from 2010.

This unfinished song is way doper than 95% of the rap songs we hear on the radio. I’m diggin’ that Revolutionary Love tip.

All I wanna do is lay next to you
And read some passages from out the Little Red Book
In the morning, I’ll cook…you don’t worry, hit the snooze
I’m aware of all the work your body do
To move the movement past the *EDs and right out to the streets

*FYI: [EDs = Educational Discussions]

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Bwan’s Living Room LP now available for free download:

DIRECT DOWNLOAD FROM MEDIAFIRE: http://www.mediafire.com/?39i3tssh9sbpjcd
PREVIEW/DOWNLOAD FROM BANDCAMP: http://beatrockmusic.bandcamp.com/album/living-room

Track Listing:
1) Roots (produced by Emile)
2) Infinite (produced by Fatgums)
3) Don’t Have Much $ (produced by Artek)
4) The Spark (produced by Mister REY)
5) Grindstone (produced by Fatgums)
6) Lyricists feat. Akil (produced by Fatgums)
7) Pressure feat. Sahku
8) Hurt People Hurt People (produced by MTK)
9) Brown feat. Patience & Ruby Ibarra (produced by 6Fingers)
10) Flesh & Bone (produced by Mister REY)
11) Bust Back feat. Bambu & Irie Eyez (produced by Rythmatical)
12) Dreamers (produced by Esta)
13) Bonus Track: Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying (produced by Mister REY)