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I’m yelling “Freedom” since my tribe decapitated Magellan / And sent him back to his country with his body beheaded / Never made it ‘round the world but they still give him credit


Anna Karina is distinct for making eye contact with you as you watch her in a film acting as a character who is aware that she is acting in a film. No big deal in movies nowadays, but in the pre-postmodern 1960s, it was some crazy shit. A powerful act made from a powerless situation. On one hand, she breaks down the biggest wall in her art form and demands you to acknowledge her. On the other hand, her every movement is dictated by a director and his demands. In Anna’s case, Jean-Luc Godard, whose films I gained an appreciation for through the young homie Matt Jay.

We met Matt when he was in high school in Portland and kept in touch while he was studying film in NYC. It was after he wrote about some Godard film on his blog that I saw Vivre Sa Vie, which was the film that replayed most in my head when I wrote Anna Karina. So it only made sense that Matt, the guy who hipped me to Anna Karina, be the one to direct the video for the song Anna Karina, inspired by Anna Karina herself, and shot masterfully in a single take at the Ace Hotel (New York).

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Sabzi, the super ill producer from Blue Scholars, paying homage to one of my favorite foods ever. If you’ve ever kicked it with me, or follow me on Instagram at “ReVision16” (shameless plug), then you know I gets down with the Pho.

Ok, it’s like this: the guy in the red tie wants to stab you in the front; the guy in the blue tie wants to stab you in the back. — Presidential debate tweet from Prometheus Brown aka Geo of Blue Scholars
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The Bar + The Cure = The Truth.

This is beyond words, really. <3 DJ PHATRICK <3


Bambu ft. Prometheus Brown - “Slow Down” (Phatty’s Blonde Bangs Edit)

Bambu: “This remix (or mash-up, depending on how old you are) to Slow Down is one of my favorites. I hate the cover, but as much shit as I give DJ Phatrick, it’s pretty tame what he did with the opportunity to ridicule me. Download/listen HERE to this if you’ve never heard it. SLOW DOWN!”

don’t lie, bam. you approved the artwork!

Oooh weee!! This is SO FRESH!!

TitleSlow Down (Phatty's Blonde Bangs Edit)

Out of all the music footage I shot in Chicago, I think this was my favorite performance of the night. I remember listening in on one of their run throughs the day before and thinking, “Daaaamn…not only are they dope MCs, but they’re also droppin’ knowledge too?! Word.”

I’ve said it before, but the Pacific Northwest has been my favorite region for the last couple of years as far as Hip Hop is concerned. Blue Scholars, Macklemore, Grynch, Gabriel Teodros, and a whole lot more have had steady rotation in my iPod, but I can’t believe I never knew about the Seattle kasamas until a couple weeks ago!!

I just found out that one of them is coming down to LA at the end of June too, so you know we ‘bout to get in a studio session or two. Be on the lookout for that SEA to LA collab!!

I know I’ve posted this video a bunch of times already, but every time I feel myself getting overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done, especially within the framework of community organizing, I can always turn to this song to put things back into perspective. There’s no rest for the weary y’all…

The colonizer came with the Cross and the Sword
I threw the first spear and said, “I declare war”
I’m a battle scar wearin’, heir apparent
Descendent of a long lineage of proletariat and peasants
So check the work ethic and the name
The lessons might change, but the essence of the message is the same


Blue Scholars ~ Cinemetropolis Tour Video 2011

DOPE VIDEO…and even better that it’s from the LA show that I went to! I’ve seen Blue Scholars perform quite a few times, but this recent one was their best yet. In addition to a wider, more increased fan base from previous events, they really stepped it up on a showmanship level as well.

To top off a great night, the AnakBayan LA homies and I also got to chill and have some late night/early morning pho with Geo (aka Prometheus Brown). I can’t lie, I was already exhausted and ready to make the long drive back from West Hollywood to Long Beach, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to break bread with one of my favorite MCs, right?

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Yuri Kochiyama (1921- ) is a grassroots civil rights activist who has involved herself in a wide range of issues from international political prisoner rights, nuclear disarmament, and Japanese redress for World War II internment. In the 1940s Yuri Kochiyama and her family were one of the many Japanese Americans to be sent to internment camps following the bombing at Pearl Harbor. Several years later she saw many similarities between how the Japanese had been treated in the camps and how many minority groups, especially blacks, were treated in the U.S. at the time. For more than sixty years afterwards Yuri Kochiyama has been an enthusiastic activist and a key supporter of many civil rights groups: in the 1960s she was a member of the Harlem Parents Committee organizing protests for more street lights in her neighborhood, and in 1977 she and 29 others from the Puerto Rican group the Young Lords stormed the Statue of Liberty to bring attention to the issue of Puerto Rican independence. Perhaps most famously, Yuri Kochiyama was a close friend and associate of Malcolm X, and was by his side at his assassination in 1965.

Richard Aoki was born in San Leandro, CA in 1938. During WWII, he was interned in the Topaz, Utah internment camp. He was a Field Marshal in the Black Panther Party—the only Asian American to hold a formal leadership role in the organization. He was also a founding member of the Asian American Political Alliance, a leader in the Third World Liberation Front Strike at UC Berkeley, a coordinator for the first Asian American Studies at UC Berkeley, an advisor for Job Opportunities and a counselor, instructor and administrator at Merritt and Alameda Colleges. On March 15, 2009, activist Richard Aoki passed away due to complications from longstanding medical problems. He dedicated his life to the struggle for human rights and the former Black Panther leaves legacy of activism and Third World solidarity.

When I grow up, I wanna be just like Yuri Kochiyama…

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Native Guns - “Agitation Propaganda” Ft. Prometheus Brown

“When the soldier has a pen and the student has a gun / then a movement has begun.”

ArtistNative Guns
TitleAgitation Propaganda feat. Geologic
AlbumStray Bullets Mixtape Vol. 2