YO…this was by far one of the craziest rap battles I’ve ever seen in the sense that it actually has me reflecting on it afterwards. First, I’ll save y’all a ton of time — just skip to about 35:10 (yes, it’s that long of a battle). To get you caught up, prior to this point, Canibus was getting killed by Dizaster, and even started forgetting his lines at certain points. Yeah I know, right? A lot of these online battles aren’t actual freestyles anymore and are instead written weeks ahead of time.

You should watch it all the way through to the end though b/c his opponent was throwing some daggers! lol. Not your typical “rap battle” punchlines, but on some pyschological “I’m gonna get real personal and expose your faults as a human being” kind of stuff.

Here are some random thoughts and observations:

  • It takes a different type of mindset to be a Battle MC. In a lot of people’s eyes, part of paying your dues is being in the battle scene, but that’s something I’m just not cut out for. I’ll be completely honest and up front about that — I’m too nice of a guy to have that much anger pumping through my blood. I’m not saying I’m any better or any worse b/c of that, but I am giving props to Battle MCs in general — y’all are cutthroat!

  • I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when Canibus came onto the scene and was completely blown away. He was definitely one of my favorite MCs at one point, so to see him just get demolished like this was kind of sad (even though he hasn’t put out anything decent since then. lol).

  • EGO: I’ve never liked people who are feelin’ themselves way too much and this is a perfect example. After Canibus has his meltdown, Dizaster starts rapping at around 41:08 and just exposes him on all the selfish stuff he pulled back in the day. You can have all the talent in the world, but that sense of entitlement will eventually come back to bite you in the ass and no one will want anything to do with you. Some other people that come to mind who are in the same boat: Allen Iverson. Terrell Owens. Chad Ochocinco.

  • There’s almost nothing worse than not knowing when to let go. It’s really sad to see folks who are waaaay past their prime and are in denial that those “good ol’ days” have been long gone. I’m not saying that life gets worse as we get older, but sometimes people just have to find happiness in other things.

  • Rappers definitely have a shorter “shelf life” than a lot of other musicians/artists. It’s one thing to play an instrument or sing and still keep trying to “make it big” even if you’re getting older (by music industry standards), but to do it with hip hop is a slightly different picture. I’ll be damned if I’m 45 years old, hitting up open mics, and sellin’ CDs out of my trunk hoping that one day I’ll get discovered and get signed to some big record company. I might still be recording music, hitting up open mics, and selling CDs at that age, but more so out of the love of it and the message that I want to convey. I guess I’m walking a fine line between being realistic vs. giving up on your dreams, but that’s too much to get into right now. One thing I do acknowledge is that Hip Hop is still a young culture in relation to other genres. Our pioneers are probably only in their 50s right now…we don’t have those Mick Jagger/Keith Richards icons yet who are still rockin’ out in their 60s and 70s.