I just spent the last few hours on the phone catching up with one of my homegirls who moved away about a year ago. We don’t talk that often, but when we do it reminds me that we have a good, solid friendship. Then it got me thinking of relationships/friendships that have dwindled away to the point that we’re now mere acquaintances. Regardless if it’s platonic or romantic, a long lasting bond requires a reciprocal amount of energy and time invested, or as Common put it, “If relationship is effort, I will match your work.” Whether it’s an unresolved conflict or two people just growing apart, I think this is something we can all relate to.

So here you go, folks…I present you with a song I recorded back in ‘07 dealing with this very topic. I was a little hesitant in sharing it because I don’t like my delivery back then (although it shows how I’ve grown from then ‘til now), but I can still appreciate the lyrics. This is one of my more personal songs, especially the 3rd verse…but that’s a whole new blog/story in itself.

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AlbumBonus Joints