First, I have to say that I’m a casual boxing fan. So to all the purists, please go easy on me if my analysis isn’t on point. lol. I also have to give the disclaimer that I’m a Manny Pacquiao fan (it’s almost my obligation as a Filipino). Here are some random reflections from tonight’s fight:

1.) I’ve seen 50 Cent do the ring entrance with Floyd Mayweather before, but Justin Bieber’s in on it now?! I see Floyd’s business sense there, but if he were smarter, he would’ve chosen Tim Tebow.

2.) Miguel Cotto’s got heart. I’m definitely a fan of his.

3.) I think it was Larry Merchant who said that Floyd “went from a hip hop fighter to a rap fighter.” What does that even mean?! This can spark philosophical debate for generations to come. Hey, Cornel West and Michael Eric Dyson…where you at?! lol.

4.) Manny Pacquiao did a lot more damage to Cotto than Floyd did tonight. Just sayin.

5.) Prior to tonight’s fight, I was very subjective in thinking that Manny could beat the living daylights out of Floyd (IF the fight were to ever happen…but that’s a whole debate in itself). After seeing Floyd in action again, I’m able to step back from the situation and look at it as objectively as possible — I don’t think Manny can knockout Floyd. He might be able to win by decision, but it would have to be done convincingly and with no margin of error.

6.) One of my friends thinks I’m a hater when it comes to certain sports stars. I hate on Floyd, Tom Brady, and Lebron James, but I give credit where it’s due — those guys have mad skills, yo. Tim Tebow? Well, I have a few different reasons which I’ve explained here and also again here.

7.) Finally, let’s be 100% real— despite the millions of dollars that Floyd Mayweather has made from this fight, let’s not overlook the fact that he’s going to be serving a jail sentence in June for beating a woman…and it’s for that reason why I’ll never respect him as a human being. Straight up.


winning a grammy doesn’t mean a thing chris brown, doesn’t defy the fact that you remain set in your gendered, patriarchal ways and that you continue to perpetuate sexual violence through your musically packaged (corporate driven) language/image etc. 

and “this fuck it, im succeeding” trope doesn’t erase the fact that many young girls are caught up in the cycle of desensitizing rape culture, so this time its not about you at all

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