how many of us have them?

This last week has been pretty damn fun if I may so myself. I saw a certain group of friends three times this last week, which is more than the previous two years combined. As we get older and more involved in our adult lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of the relationships we’ve established over the years.

It really does take a conscious effort to maintain relationships, which is what I’m actively working on right now (although I’m still slippin’ in certain areas and really need to step up on). I almost forgot how freakin’ fun and hilarious this specific group of people can be, not to mention all the inside jokes we’ve developed over the years.

Although tonight was a lot more subdued than Tuesday night at the Dodger game, it was still a good time. For my homegirls reading this: I’m sorry you couldn’t see “Tuesday Romeo”, but I had to take it easy tonight. haha.