My calendar is officially marked for the 18th installation of Beat Swap Meet on June 10th in the Chinatown/Downtown LA area. Even if you’re not a vinyl junkie, it’s still a beautiful event to attend — dope DJs are spinning an eclectic mix of music, there are live performances, b-boys & b-girls, independent clothing companies, etc.

I think a lot of times people only associate L.A. with the pretentious, uber glamorous, Hollywood celebrity scene, but there’s so much more to the city than that. With Beat Swap Meet, it’s a great way to experience the vibrant (hip hop) culture of the city and immerse yourself in the beauty of its people. I haven’t been to Beat Swap Meet in a year or two b/c the last time I went way over my budget and bought a ton of records, but I think it’s time to revisit it again. Hopefully I’ll have more discipline, but if anything, at least now I have my camera so I can get some good photos and videos.

So what’s the difference between Rap and Hip Hop?




It’s simple.

It’s like saying you love somebody and being in love with somebody.

Rap is only a word.

This post is stupid as fuck. You wanna know the real difference between Rap and Hip Hop?

Rap is something you do. Hip-hop is something you live. The living of hip-hop produces rap.

word word word word but daps for the brown sugar quote.  I love that movie.

Alright, I used to have that elitist backpacker mentality that defined “Rap” as pretty much the “mainstream” stuff. I defined “Hip Hop” as the conscious, underground stuff a.k.a. music that I like(d).

I feel that all rap music, regardless of whether or not we like it, is Hip Hop. But…Hip Hop isn’t only rap (there’s DJing, graffiti, breaking, etc). Also, people need to stop with all that “Real Hip Hop” non-sense. Just b/c someone is wack doesn’t mean it’s “fake” hip hop…it just means that they’re wack.

Oh…and another word up to the Brown Sugar quote. One of my favs.

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