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The Bar + The Cure = The Truth.

This is beyond words, really. <3 DJ PHATRICK <3


Bambu ft. Prometheus Brown - “Slow Down” (Phatty’s Blonde Bangs Edit)

Bambu: “This remix (or mash-up, depending on how old you are) to Slow Down is one of my favorites. I hate the cover, but as much shit as I give DJ Phatrick, it’s pretty tame what he did with the opportunity to ridicule me. Download/listen HERE to this if you’ve never heard it. SLOW DOWN!”

don’t lie, bam. you approved the artwork!

Oooh weee!! This is SO FRESH!!

TitleSlow Down (Phatty's Blonde Bangs Edit)

Here’s some footage I shot of the Native Guns reunion at the 20th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) last September. When it was announced that they’d be the headliners, I was happy to hear it, but also not as hyped as I thought I would be. I’ve seen them a bunch of times since ‘05 and have a lot of their songs memorized, so I figured it wouldn’t be anything new, but boy, was I wrong.

Once the intro started playing, it brought me back to when I was first exposed to their music, which was also when I started getting more politicized. Prior to them, the only other Filipino I knew about in hip hop was from Black Eyed Peas, and he never really dove too deep. With Native Guns, they dropped so much knowledge about Fil-Am issues (like identity), our people’s history, and the country’s colonial relationship with the United States — it was mind blowing.

As an MC, who also happens to be Filipino, they had a major impact on my music and inspired me to document my own self-discovery via hip hop. Their music really started me on the path of toward a cultural (re)awakening that still continues to this day, which is why I always say that they’ve been the most influential hip hop group for me…hands down.

Album Art


Native Guns - “Agitation Propaganda” Ft. Prometheus Brown

“When the soldier has a pen and the student has a gun / then a movement has begun.”

ArtistNative Guns
TitleAgitation Propaganda feat. Geologic
AlbumStray Bullets Mixtape Vol. 2
I use vulnerability as a tool to express my truth. And that’s been something that I have always done, that’s just the type of writing that I enjoy, it’s the type of artist I like listening to. You get a real genuine sense of who they are. And those are the songs that I tend to write. I think that it connects me with the music that I make because in the process of writing I’m figuring out who I am on a deeper level. And I think that the fanbase and that other people can resonate with it because hopefully you shed a little bit of light on potentially their experience or articulated something that they’ve gone through in their life.

Macklemore (

[Real talk. I’ve always admired and respected songwriters who aren’t afraid to show their vulnerability and put it all out there. In addition to Macklemore, some other MCs that come to mind are Brother Ali, Murs, and Kiwi. It’s easier said than done, but it’s something that I strive to do as well.]


VIDEO: Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar) - “Lookin’ Up”

Word up…two of my favorite MCs, Bambu and Prometheus Brown (aka Geo from Blue Scholars) on the same track. If you haven’t done it already, make sure to cop the collabo project they dropped on the Beatrock Music label last year.

I’m from a place where the system’s still feudal and the masses still colonized
landlords, light skin, stabbin’ (??) with their colored eyes
wonder why the goods ain’t no good, so we import
things we can make our damn selves, and we export

flesh bone, sista tryna make it home paid
while my privilege let me look at my plate and complain
hit a stage, get treated like I’m better than a fan
when a fan is for real, I just get in where I can

Yo when this song comes on, c’mon…forget about your troubles…

The perfect way to start a Friday.

I want it to hurt, I want the pain to stay with me for life
so it can come out of my pen every time that I write”

This song/video has so much more meaning now that I’m seeing it with my own eyes.


VIDEO: LOVES OF A DJ - A short documentary about me and my passions as a dj & educator by Faroukh Virani and Bobbi Dai.

Our youth program, Sessions LA, is featured in this video alot…we are trying to save it right now. If you like what I do with the youth, please please please donate to our SAVE SESSIONS campaign:

FPAC Recap…

My first exposure to the Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) was in 2005, and I’ve attended ever since. As an artist, this is always one of my favorite venues/events to perform at because it’s such a great community vibe. Back in our formative years, my hip hop group The Committee has been able to network with people that we’re still friends with to this day. But even when you take away the music element, I’ve still met some really cool people throughout the years. It’s a great feeling to walk through a sea of faces and bump into someone around every corner. I’m not saying it’s a popularity contest, but it’s more like, “Wow…I’m really a part of this Community. These are my folks.”

And speaking of folks, I have to give a shout out to all my peeps who rocked the stage this weekend: Shining Sons, Krystle Tugadi, and Rhythm Natives. On top of that, I finally got a chance to see Ruby Ibarra perform live. Damn, yo…that is one vicious MC!!! And of course, there was the Native Guns reunion. I’ll admit that my initial reaction wasn’t what I expected. I thought “ah…they always make the cameo appearances throughout each other’s sets, it’s nothing new.” But all of that went out the window once they started performing. It brought me back to ‘05 and ‘06 when I first got exposed to their music and showed me that you can be proud of being Filipino and still be dope behind the mic. It’s really hard to express how much of an influence they’ve had on my music, but Bambu probably said it best in his song Old Man Raps, “I’m a pioneer to all these Filipinos you hear / got a boost when the Native Guns’ music appeared.

Ultimately though, the highlight of this weekend was being able to perform with the original members of The Committee again. I think since our band parted ways a couple years ago, I’ve always kind of held on to the hope that maybe we can get a new band going but after these last few weeks of practicing with the original members and sticking with a DJ, I’m truly ready to move on. Not to be too big headed about it, but we can confidently say that we killed it on Saturday!! It was a huge difference between that and the Tuesday Night Cafe set we did earlier in the week. Thanks to video footage and the raw, honest feedback from our friends, we were able to work out a lot of the kinks and had a much stronger set by the time we took the stage on Saturday.

Aside from the personal feelings we had about our performance, we had a lot of friends/fans who’ve seen us from the very beginning and said that it was one of our best shows. That really meant a lot coming from them, especially when you consider that we haven’t performed together in such a long time. But what got me most excited was the crowd reaction after we made a certain announcement (I’ll post the video soon). I can’t even front, it made me feel all giddy inside. haha!! To quote one James Todd Smith, “Don’t call it a comeback, [we’ve] been here for years…”

Oh and one last thing, I really need to give an extra special shout out to the event organizers and volunteers!! They were always available to answer any questions we had leading up to the event and even accommodated a last minute schedule change for us because one member had some unexpected plans that came up. Even though the performance schedule was already distributed to the artists and pretty much set for both days, they still asked around and got us switched from Sunday to Saturday. Our set wouldn’t have been the same if we were missing a member, so THANK YOU FilAm Arts!!