NEW VIDEO: Otayo Dubb “Let You Down”

song produced by MTK

video by Northbound Films

Beatrock Music 2012

Wow. What a great song to wake up to. I’d like to think I have an eclectic taste in music, but my heart will always be with Hip Hop.


VIDEO: Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar) - “Lookin’ Up”

Word up…two of my favorite MCs, Bambu and Prometheus Brown (aka Geo from Blue Scholars) on the same track. If you haven’t done it already, make sure to cop the collabo project they dropped on the Beatrock Music label last year.

I’m from a place where the system’s still feudal and the masses still colonized
landlords, light skin, stabbin’ (??) with their colored eyes
wonder why the goods ain’t no good, so we import
things we can make our damn selves, and we export

flesh bone, sista tryna make it home paid
while my privilege let me look at my plate and complain
hit a stage, get treated like I’m better than a fan
when a fan is for real, I just get in where I can