Really saddened by a lot of the responses (and lack of response) to Trayvon Martin’s murder and the lack of prosecution of his killer. A lot of us allow our white privilege to blind us and even make us bitter to the idea of racial equity. It’s not about guilt, it’s about taking responsibility for the fact that our society unjustly favors us to the detriment and sometimes death of others. This isn’t an isolated tragedy between two individuals. Our society has a legacy of hatred, suspicion and devaluing of non white people. Our grandparents lynched black people publicly (not even 100 yrs ago) and were never prosecuted. In our own generation we’ve killed Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo (the list goes on and on) without justice. Now this man shot and killed an innocent boy who’s blackness made him suspicious and he’s walking around free right now. The reality is that literally any black kid could’ve been in that place and time doing nothing wrong and be dead right now with no justice for his killer. This is who we are, but its not who we need to be. Brother Ali