Props to Murs for making a video for this.

Even though the song was released last October, the timing couldn’t have been better considering the recent Frank Ocean letter.

West Coast hip hop at its finest.

I’ve said it many times before that MURS is one of my favorite rappers. He doesn’t have a super crazy rap delivery and his songwriting isn’t filled with deep, abstract imagery, but he spits in a way that folks can easily relate to and understand.

I’ve been a fan of his since ‘03 but I’m familiar with almost all of his work prior to that — it’s probably safe to say that the only early stuff of his that I don’t have are the cassette tapes he used to sell out of his trunk or after a show (yeah, he’s been doing it that long). Out of his whole catalog, I think the newest album, produced by Ski Beatz, is his best work to date. Check it out y’all!!

I post a lot of songs on here so it can be easy to just skip over them, but hopefully you take the time out to really listen. Not too many rappers would even think about speaking on this topic…

This doesn’t pertain to me right now, but I have a couple friends who might relate to this song.

I keep forgetting to remember to forget
all the lies and all the bullshit
all the reasons that we had to call it quits
pieces to our puzzle that never seemed to fit
started out fast but ended so quick
for weeks on end I was so sick
so the next time I start to reminisce
remind me to remember to forget

Anyway, I can’t wait for the new MURS/Ski Beatz album to drop in October! I’ve said it before, but he’s one of my favorite MCs who’s also had a big influence on my own music. He doesn’t have a crazy rap delivery and I don’t agree with some of his views or the things he says, but he’s always honest. I can’t knock that…