Here’s a clip of me and the rest of The Committee performing “Beautiful Thing” (also viewable in HD) at the 20th Annual Festival of Philippine Arts & Culture (FPAC) earlier this month.

Since FPAC has given us so much love over the years, it was only fitting that we made our official announcement that we’re finally going to put out an album next year. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to stay updated on all the latest news. We’ll be posting new videos and possibly some behind the scenes stuff too.

"Love, Peace & Hip Hop…it’s a Beautiful Thing"

The resilient spirit of the people in the struggle
Or watching Jeopardy and answering the Daily Double
A dope DJ playing all the jams
The tiny footprints of a child in the sand
Beautiful like the moment of the first kiss
Floating in the clouds, knowing the wait was worth it
Make your plans, follow through
That’s what you do, make your dreams come true

Beautiful like alternative outlets for news
That challenge prevailing wisdoms of truth
Beautiful like fight night with Pacquiao in the ring
And hearing 50 Pilipinos in the house scream
Beautiful like creativity in practice
Witnessing first hand another person’s passion
Beautiful like 5pm on Friday
And driving home with no traffic on the highway

5th Born
It’s Beautiful like art with a message
Talking to your elders, a history lesson
It’s Beautiful like when the present meets the past
Inspired young minds ahead of the class
It’s Beautiful like a community collective
Artists in the streets out there painting new perspectives
It’s Beautiful like watching passionate dancers
Shouting in a rally screaming for answers


Beautiful like the Love between my parents
The flame still burning 38 years of marriage
Extra cash, when it’s tax season
The buzz in the air right before a long weekend
Beautiful after all of this time
The Committee: still together, developing rhymes
Spending hours digging in crates
The sound of an old record as it rotates

Beautiful like the pure joy of my nephew
Having enough money when the rent is due
Reading a book that challenges my view
Or just relaxing on a Sunday afternoon
Beautiful like visiting my family
And close friends that are all up in the Bay
Beautiful like hearing Ribbon in the Sky being played
Or better yet, Stevie Wonder live on stage

5th Born
Beautiful like the sights of the city
That you rep everyday on your 59/50
Beautiful like a clean pair of kicks
That you match with your shirt that you threw in the mix
Beautiful like when she smiles your way
Hand in hand, I’m yo man, yes is what you gotta say
Beautiful like LA with no traffic
And I never get lost cause I always google map it…


A new joint from Estelle


My all time favorite battle rapper, Supa Hot, is back and ready to destroy another MC. If you haven’t seen his first battle, you can watch it HERE.

"But I’m not a rapper…"

Don’t get it twisted. I love this song, but the skit in the beginning is hilarious!!! One day I hope I can make a music video with bad acting in it too [seriously musicians, most of us/y’all need to stick to the music and let other people do the acting].

And correct me if I’m wrong, but did Joe catch the whole thing on tape and is now watching it in his living room? It also seems as if he has a live video feed of the woman’s bedroom?

Say it ain’t so, Joe. That’s beyond creepy.

Some people shouldn’t attempt to cover a rap song. This person does not belong in that category though…she’s pretty dope. And wait until you see the special guest when the camera zooms out!!

I’ve seen many attempts at cover songs fail miserably. This isn’t one of them…

Iris Leonardo was one of the other artists at a benefit show I performed at last October. With as good as she sings in her videos, she’s even better when you hear her live! Be sure to “Like” her on Facebook too!

I don’t know which is worse — this video or the one I posted earlier?

I mean, good Lord (pun intended)! This is kinda scary but also pretty damn hilarious too. “God shook the country of Japan. He literally grabbed the country…by the shoulders…and said, ‘Hey! Look, I’m here!’ It’s just so amazing to see how God can just answer prayers like this.”

If you thought the movie Saved was an exaggeration…think again! And for the record, I’m not making fun of or criticizing the sane, normal Christians — just the crazy ones.

She sho can sang…