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Fucking beautiful!

“One last thing, while you maybe confusing this for your monthly meeting of the ‘Ignorant Tight-ass Club’, in this room when the President stands, NOBODY sits.”

Hell yes. I’d vote for this kind of politician if one actually existed outside of movies and tv shows.


“As a hip hop artist, [homosexuality] is still kind of a taboo issue. People still call people the f-word, or say that “that’s gay” and use that as a derogatory term, and that is crazy to me. That people still get away with it, like that’s okay for some reason. Like that is the one group of people that is still okay to oppress on a daily basis and in raps and no one really talks about it….and it’s something that won’t change unless we bring this up within our music, and within our communities…” (Macklemore on marriage equality)

You know, just in case you didn’t already have a million reasons to respect him as an artist.

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